/ Óscar AnÍbal Pozuelos
Born in Madrid, Spain and raised in Guatemala, Central
America. Has a background in the scientific field
studied biochemistry to later specialize in the field
of Biology (botanics). Has always been interested in
the creative field and enrolled the three year course
in graphic design at IED Madrid. Has worked for
large corporations such as Disney or Coca Cola as
well as small design studios and consultancies. He
collaborates with various social projects such as “En
Positivo Diseño Social” and considers the D4SB master
as an opportunity to address social issues through
design thinking and methodology.

/ Mandy Bouchedid
Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon with a bachelor
degree in Graphic Design. Work experience in New
York, Beirut and Dubai related to the design and
marketing fields. Moved to Barcelona for a master
degree in Design Management and developed a
newly found passion on promoting cross-cultural
dialogues through the application of design thinking
and process. Joined the D4SB master in Milano
in order to channel and apply strategic creativity in
attempt to find solutions for the many problems our
world suffers from today.

/ Chiara Esposito
Born and raised in Napoli , since very young had lots
of foreign experiences in several countries such as
England, France, Jordan, Mexico, U.S., etc. In 2007
moved to Torino to study Photography at Istituto
Europeo di Design. Now working as a freelancer
photographer between Torino and Milano.

/ Simona Dan
Romanian, idea-driven and open-minded, has joined
this master with the goal of easing communication
processes and focusing on simple and effective strategies
that always work: add value by doing something
meaningful. Has a background in Sciences (Biology)
and Communication & Marketing that led to a common
experience: Bayer Spa, Communication and Branding
department. Travelled to many places: Brazil, South
Africa, Europe and found no place like home.

/ Barbara Elias Da Rocha
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the past ten
years, has studied, worked and traveled in South
and North America, Middle East, Europe and North
Africa. With a background in Industrial Engineering,
has worked in an investment bank, at an energy
research institute, and in the tourism sector before
starting her Interior Design degree at IED Milano.
After an internship at an architecture and design
studio in Merate, now works as a freelancer and is
very interested in social design and all the benefits
that it can bring to local communities that don’t have
access to the global market.

/ Tiago Dias Miranda
Born in Portugal but raised in an international
environment makes him a world citizen.
Up to university attended French Consular
schools around the world, living in three continents
and twelve countries. Has a bachelor's in industrial 
design from Barcelona and a master in Design for 
Social Business from Milan. Currently works as a 
social design consultant at Soulsight Madrid. Expert 
on human centered approaches to tackle the complexity 
of the health care systems of emerging countries; 
experienced  in ethnographical design research to 
understand farmers and agricultural contexts; skilled in 
prototyping services and systems; keen about creative
business modeling using interactive tools; fan of 
online collaboration.